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Updated: Feb 12, 2019

I am so completely sick and tired of coaching companies who insist their way is the only way of doing things. Recently, a woman posted on a competitor’s facebook page that her small salon/spa was going to be turning into a rental salon. The opinions on this (from the page followers and the owner of the coaching company himself) were that of disagreement with her decision. Comments ranged from "You can't have rules for booth-renters" to "If you run your salon as a booth rent, your income will be a fixed amount. With the same number of employees you can net much more" to "I owned a rental salon. Now commission. The fight was always the rent is too high and what are you going to do for me, now the fight is commissions are too low and what are you going to do for me. Lose-lose".

Geez people! What a way to make a woman who is already feeling spent (her words "beaten down salon owner") feel even more beat. And for the lady who thinks both employees and renters suck, well you better take a good hard look at yourself and your leadership.

This was my response, which coincidentally I was promptly thanked for by the original poster as she found it to be inspiring. She then admitted that being an successful esthetician vs a successful salon/spa owner requires two completely different skill sets, the latter she had been struggling with.

"I know of a lot of THRIVING rental salons with a great culture and feeling of team. I think it's an antiquated approach to be so against the idea when the majority of salons/spas now a days are suite, booth, room or chair rentals...There is more than one way of doing things and more than one type of business model, compensation structure etc. ALL of them can and do work if you have systems and contracts and know what it is you want as an owner. I have an employee based salon but would never turn away someone who wanted to rent a chair if they were experienced and could mentor my juniors, brought clients into the salon who may see my employees if their stylist was booked or on vacation".

Maybe this team is entrepreneurial, ready to rent and be their own boss. Maybe their attitudes will change drastically when this happens. Wouldn't you rather offer to mentor and coach them in growing their business than have a walk out? Maybe this owner will have less headaches and a steady income that suits her, not everyone wants the stress (or has the will to spend the time/do the work) to create a million dollar employee based business.

I have NEVER been one to teach only one way of doing things. I pride myself on learning about my client's business, vision, goals, values, needs and so on BEFORE making any suggestions as to what systems they may want to implement. In this industry, you'd be hard pressed to find two businesses (unless a franchise) that are modeled the exact same way so how can one system of doing things work for absolutely every salon owner? In my opinion, these "cookie cutter" approaches just aren't for everyone.

*Edit* Since writing this original post, we now have an employee and chair rental salon. And you know what? We have an amazing TEAM. We have contracts and have agreed on systems to benefit both our renters in growing their businesses and us as a business needing our clients taken care of and hours covered. Our culture is strong and our renters and our employees mesh beautifully.

If you need to bounce some thoughts about your business, write rental agreements or need and employee manual please reach out to us!

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