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Get Salon new hires on the floor sooner with Salon Scholar

If you want to see your salon new hire on the floor sooner, producing great results for your salon, and bringing in revenue through your front door, then continue reading to learn a few tips from London Curtis, the owner of Salon Scholar. She is dishing out 3-ways that you can use to build the bridge that will get them there faster. It all begins by simply asking salon new hires about their unique needs, listening for the answers, and then executing. Check out what we found:

1. Nobody wants to assist forever

This was the number one complaint from salon new hires, so we thought it was fitting to put this one front and center. As it turns out, the salon owner/manager does not want them taking a back seat forever either. We see salon programs lasting anywhere from 6 months to 2 years! That is A LOT of assisting.

Salon Scholar is a fully managed training program for the new hires in your salon. This system is equipped with LIVE weekly trainings from a certified S.S. educator, weekly schedules, workbooks, online video series & so much more. Remember, there is a small window of opportunity to teach a new salon professional before their skills begin to diminish.

2. Assistant vs. Apprentice

When looking for a salon ‘assistant’ and running an add for your salon, re-word your marketing to say ‘apprentice’. Our wording is very important when setting expectations for the new employee. This is a very exciting time for our salon new hires; they have just graduated and are about to embark on the next chapter in their careers. Many other job fields use the title apprentice because it suggests they are learning from a skilled professional and gaining knowledge to advance on their own.

3. Incentives and a clear advancement opportunity

Going back to our first point, no one wants to assist someone else forever. Set a time frame for the next steps. Give them something to look forward to! Salon Scholar is a 4-month program from start to finish. Let the apprentice take walk-ins and add on services when they learn additional styling, cutting and waxing techniques. Make sure they are getting treated with respect and incentivized for their hard work.

When your employees feel that their efforts contribute to the collective goals of the company, they will be much more engaged and productive. When we express gratitude for our new employees and provide them clear direction, they will return the favor be creating an uplifting and inviting environment for your clients.

Not every salon needs an apprentice and not every new professional wants to be an apprentice but If you chose to go this route, you have an opportunity to change our industry and help someone grow in their skill set. Consider the people who have changed your life and career and give that same investment back to those who have chosen your business as the launch pad for their career.

London Curtis is the founder of Salon Scholar; a completely managed salon apprenticeship system designed to train your new-hires quickly, while dramatically reducing the cost-burden to your salon. Over the past decade, London has supported hundreds of salon owners by accelerating the education of their new cosmetologists, getting them on the floor sooner, building their clientele, and producing great results. Her true passion is in fostering new talent through strong connections, structured skills development, and ongoing support. London also enjoys spending her free time giving back to the cosmetology community by volunteering with various local, state, and national events, such as being a guest judge at SKILLSUSA, and numerus other cosmetology education events. She lives in Denver, Colorado where she enjoys hiking & spending time with her family and furry companion, Miles.

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