I Want To Make More Money!

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

I am sure that most salon owners and managers have heard this one before..."I want to make more money". The funny thing is...there's usually no more money to give. We would love to be able to pay our team members more, have a solid emergency fund in the bank account, and be living the high life ourselves...but the reality is...most salons DO NOT make money.

Money, and the desire to have more of it, was the number one topic of conversation in each and every team member review I conducted. When the topic was brought up it usually went something like this: "I need to make more money". My response was "well then, what can you do to make more money?" I would explain that we promote the salon (and our team) by advertising, marketing, and implementing systems for client retention but it is also the responsibility of each individual operator to grow their own business.

The client bus (you know, the one that pulls up outside the front door and drops off enough guests to fill the salon for a week) DOES NOT EXIST.

Your team members must be providing outstanding customer service, asking for referrals, upselling services, and retailing...this is how they will MAKE MORE MONEY...and... you must help them along the way by mentoring, posting goals, regularly reviewing their progress, and rewarding positive behaviors.

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