Inventory Control: Dust off the bottle

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

I recently had the pleasure of introducing myself to a group of sales reps from a local distributor. As I am constantly performing market research to better the quality of service I give to my clients, I asked the sales reps to participate in a "Salon Skipper" survey. Sales reps spend 40+ hours a week in salons all over their territories. Two of the questions I asked were "What do you feel is lacking in the salons you service?" and "What do you think the salons you service need the most in terms of business education?" Their answers were unanimous: RETAILING SYSTEMS AND INVENTORY CONTROL.

Did you know that, while to goal for best practice is 20% retail to service, the industry average is only 7%?

  • Have you set a budget for retail product purchases?

  • Is your salon automated?

  • Have you adjusted your retail purchases to reflect your retail sales or are you constantly dusting off those bottles?

  • Have you implemented retailing systems, giving your staff tools to help them succeed with retail sales?

  • Do the products you sell reflect current industry and consumer trends?

  • Do the products you sell speak to your target market?

Retailing not only helps pay the rent, it increases client loyalty and retention. Salon Skipper can help you set purchase budgets based on industry benchmarks, develop systems for inventory control, and assist with retail sales strategies.

It's time to put down the feather duster and learn with us. Become a SalonSkipper client today.

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