Promotions, yay or nay?

I hear a lot of coaches and educators preaching that one should never discount their prices. I am not so sure I agree with this. While added value to services is preferred, there are times in which discounting services can be beneficial. For instance, you introduce a new service to your salon/spa menu and want your clients to try it. I did this (and periodically continue to) with keratin treatments. These treatments take 3 hours, last up to 4 months and are not cheap. My average keratin service is $290, add tax and it is well over $300. This is a service that changes people's lives (so I am told by my clients who love it) and I wanted as many of my clients as possible to give it a try without being put off by the price. I knew that all of them would fall in love with their hair and continue to see me for the treatments in the future, whether having to pay regular price or not. And guess what? I was right. 95% of my keratin clients come in every 4 months now for this treatment. Some wait for our keratin promotion, most don't.

So on that note, I wanted to provide some Salon and Spa promotion ideas for you. We send our salon promotions out monthly in our e newsletter, post on all of our social media platforms and write them on the sandwich board outside our salon. .

Salon and Spa Promotion Ideas

 Spring Cleaning/Fall Re-Set: Bring in your expired and old skincare and receive a complimentary skin analysis and 20% off your new (enter spa skincare line here) products. Also receive 20% off a facial.

 Combine services with a slightly discounted price ex/ manicure and pedicure combo $10 cheaper than having the services individually.

 Grad: hair and make- up package, hair and mani/pedi package

 Offer mini services so clients may try something new with less of a time commitment and at a cheaper price

 Choose your mini services bundle ex/choose 3 for $89 mini mani, mini pedi, mini facial, mini massage, blowdry (each service is 30 minutes)

 Offer a complimentary conditioning treatment with every colour service

 Last Minute Appointment promos (send an email out to your clients with available appointment times for last minute discounted bookings)

 Offer complimentary add-ons ex/ lip or eye treatments with facials or a few face framing highlights with every regrowth or all-over colour service

 Invest in a series of 3 treatments and receive a gift card with 10% back to be used towards retail purchases ie/ 3 facials= $300, gift card to client is $30 and can be used to purchase a skincare product she may need

 Create seasonal services and promo ex/ The chocolate pedicure or massage in February for Valentines Day

 Offer a mini mani or pedi at a reduced price if done while hair colour is processing

 Gift with purchase- ask your distributors for gifts

 Have your estheticians give your clients complimentary hand massages while their hair colours are processing-this gives the client an opportunity to get to know them and feel their touch. It gives the esthetician the opportunity to talk about services and promotions

 Offer detoxifying body wraps at a discount after Summer Holidays, Christmas and New Years

 Give a free nail polish with every manicure or pedicure (offer a choice of discontinued or last season’s shades)

 In the Summer offer a complimentary shine gloss with every foil blonding service. We have also run a toner/blowdry promotion

 Complimentary eyebrow shaping or lip wax with every facial or hair colour service

 Free cut or shampoo/conditioner with keratin treatment

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