Hi! If you are a salon owner or salon manager, we need to talk!

As a beauty industry professional of over half of my life, I have experienced every aspect of this industry from sales to education to salon ownership. I spent years working my way up from the bottom of the ladder to achieve my current success.

Consider this your invitation to join me while you are in the comfort of your own space  [glass of wine and munchies suggested] for an in-depth look at all the business systems you need to put in place that will provide solutions to your small business woes so you can live your best life now, not later.

Seriously, achieving success doesn’t have to be hard.

It’s time we stop struggling to make “ends meet” and time to make enough money so that we can live in a way that we dream of – whether it’s being able to be away from the salon to be with loved ones, more money so we can travel, more fun with friends, more of being pampered or extra money to send your kids to summer camps...

The thing is, you can choose now or we can do it later, ‘cause I’m not going anywhere :) I’m totally committed to helping you and others figure out this salon business and be a part of the 5% of salon owners who actually make money (yes, that's the statistic).

"I have to say that I was very happy with my purchase and felt I'd already recouped my investment after watching the first 2 videos. It looks like it has just the kind of gems that I have been looking for. Thank you, thank you, thank you:)

Your good will and bravery extending the pay what you can offer are admirable and so very appreciated " -Shawna, Salon Owner

See I’ve been there, I own a salon where I’ve had to create and implement systems and I’ve run a salon coaching biz since 2010.  You could take the time, effort and spend tons of money like I did to figure it all out yourself...or you can decide to work with me, listen to my suggestions, use the tools I provide and supercharge your business FAST.

Salon Skipper used to be a platform based on a monthly membership and I used to work with clients one on one (I do still do this when time allows) but over the past couple of years, life has gotten really busy and I decided that it’s time to load all my info into a one-time payment package. I also wanted to give back to the industry which has treated me so well and offer this to other industry professionals at an affordable price… in fact, I'm giving it all to you at a price that's cheaper than a new pair of scissors.

Why? Because I know that salon overhead is high, profits are typically low and it’s hard to come up with extra money to pay for high priced coaches.

So, if you’re ready to go, let’s do this together. Here’s what you’ll get:

Learning Modules (Videos)

  • Financial Benchmarks & Budgeting

  • Leadership

  • Service Benchmarks

  • Your Company Culture

  • Retailing

  • Service Excellence

  • Growing Your Business Behind The Chair

  • Marketing

These videos can be used to orientate new team members during team meetings or review sessions, to provide coaching, instruction and education.


  • Interview Questions

  • Hairstylist, Esthetician & Reception Phone Interview and Reference Check Questions

  • Secret Shopper Surveys (Salon and Spa)

  • Marketing & Promotions Calendar

  • Goal Tracking Template

  • Employee Review Forms (Stylist and Esthetician)

  • Written Warning/ Notice of Termination Form

  • Policies & Procedures Manual

  • Budget Spreadsheet

  • And more…

Who will benefit from a Salon Skipper Coaching Package?

  • Cosmetology Students and Apprentices: learn the business behind the trade and how to grow in your chosen career!

  • Cosmetology Instructors: learn what salon and spa owners are looking for in today’s new hires, share this information with your students and better prepare them for the “real” World!

  • Stylists, Barbers, Estheticians, Nail Technicians, Body Workers, Lash Technicians: learn the goals for best practice and how to make more money!

  • Salon, Spa, Nail and Lash Bar Owners: learn strategies and systems for leading your staff and running your business profitably!

  • Independent Beauty Service Providers (in-home beauty business, chair/room/suite/booth renters): learn how to grow your business with budgeting, goal setting and marketing!

  • Manufacturers, Distributors and Sales Representatives: better position yourself as a resource and coach for your accounts, gain trust and your customers will purchase more from you!

  • Independent Direct Sales Consultants: you may have not had any experience in the beauty industry when you started your direct sales business. A thorough understanding of the business of beauty will allow you to better position yourself in this highly competitive market!

Now is the time to reset, become the entrepreneur you want to be for you and your business (and team), be committed to doing this using our effective tools so you aren't in the same place next year!

Cheers to Good Business.

Did you know I used to charge over $300 for a Team Policies and Procedures Manual alone when I was running my coaching business?  The contents of this package have a total value of over $5000.  Let's do this together!

Grab our coaching package NOW at 50% off.
(Reg price $597/Sale price $299)

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